Hi there!

Welcome to my blog. 

My name is Elise, a.k.a. Elvia Vineflower and I am on a journey to live happily ever after.

My blog is, as you can see, separated in different categories.
The first one is ‘How to Love?‘. It is about loving yourself and loving others. Feel free to ask me for advice on relationships or friendships. 
My second category is ‘Express Yourself!‘. This is about expressing your feelings and emotions in creative ways.  Sometimes I like to let go of everything and create new things. I love writing, drawing, painting, singing and dancing. 
The third category is ‘Becoming a Better Person‘ in which I help you make new goals to improve yourself. I give tips and do my research on theories of others on how to become a better person.
The fourth category is ‘The Search for Happiness‘ which is about the habits I already have and about creating new habits by trying different lifestyles for a week. I go on a quest to find many theories on how to be happy.
My last category is ‘Personal‘. These are just my personal updates and stories, things I like to vent about because they make me feel terrible, or things I just really want to share because they inspired me,  or made me happy! 

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I hope you enjoy my posts.

Thank you for your time.